Large oval faience soup tureen with matching cover and stand, the tureen molded with scrolls, gadrooning, and shellwork decorated in rose, or pink-purple (pourpre de Cassius), and green enamel on a white ground, with four scrolled feet similarly decorated, the handles are molded with feathers and are enameled in shades of yellow and rose; the domed quatrefoil lid is similarly decorated and has an elaborate knop in the shape of naturalistically molded celery, peas, mushrooms, and mussels; the stand with two intertwined and pierced handles in shades of rose and likewise molded with scrolls and shellwork, also enameled in blue and yellow with a green, molded artichoke sprig in the center and with mushrooms and crustaceans at either end.

Covered Tureen on Stand

Niderviller faience factory