Coffee pot with a cylindrical form. The pot's form flares out at the bottem and then tapers to the base. The exterior is decorated with plain, impressed bands and is matte black. The pot's handle is rounded and placed at an angle to the pot's body. The pot's spout is wide at its base and becomes narrow. The lip of the pot extends inward, then drops and extends again for the pot's lid to rest. The pot's lid is circular with an exaggerated 'u' shape in its center.


Designed by David Puxley, Wedgwood


Like Moonstone, Ravenstone (the company’s name for black) is one of Wedgwood’s matt glazes, those with an eggshell or satin sheen, developed during the 1930s. Created for use on the shapes designed during this period by Keith Murray and John Skeaping, both Moonstone and Ravenstone have been used continuously by Wedgwood.