Dragon lustre bowl with blue exterior and mother-of-pearl interior.
The outside of the bowl is decorated with a golden, endless Greek key pattern along the upper rim. A golden pierced band pattern is at the bottom rim of the bowl. A solid golden trim is at the top and bottom rim. 
Two outstretched three-legged, four-clawed golden dragons with scales and a curled tail stretching across one half of the bowl, each. The dragons have outstretched tongues, bulging eyes, a mane and some spikes along their backs. The spikes, part of the face, and claws are highlighted with red glaze. The dragons have a cross on their upper jaw and a dragonfly hovers in front of them. There is a golden, cloud-like motif with red glaze dividing the two dragons.
The upper rim of the inside of the bowl is decorated with a golden arabesque pattern. At the bottom is a fierce, four-legged, curled dragon with a mane. His right front leg is grasping a part of his tail. Different parts of the dragon’s body are highlighted with red, blue, orange, yellow and green glaze.



  • Titles Bowl (Descriptive)
  • Artist Wedgwood, England, est. 1759
  • Medium bone china
  • Credit Line Collection of the Art Fund, Inc. at the Birmingham Museum of Art; The Buten Wedgwood Collection, gift through the Wedgwood Society of New York, AFI.2868.2008
  • Object Name bowl
  • Classification Containers