Octagonal dragon lustre bowl with lavender/blue exterior, and pale turquoise pearlized interior.
The outside of the bowl is decorated with a golden, endless Greek key pattern along the upper and bottom rim.  A solid golden trim is at the top and bottom rim. 
Two outstretched three-legged, four-clawed golden dragons with scales and a curled tail stretching across three fields of the octagonal bowl, each. The dragons have outstretched tongues, bulging eyes, a mane and some spikes along their backs. The spikes, part of the face, tongue, tail and claws are highlighted with red glaze. The shoulders and hips of the dragons are highlighted with green glaze. The dragons have a cross on their upper jaw and a dragonfly hovers in front of them. 
The upper, inside, rim is decorated with a repeating oval and diamond pattern. Below are three outstretched, scaled, golden dragons, equally distributed. Different parts of the body are highlighted with purple, red and green glaze. The bottom of the bowl is decorated with golden geometric and floral pattern on purple, red and green glaze.



  • Titles Bowl (Descriptive)
  • Artist Wedgwood, England, est. 1759
  • Medium bone china
  • Credit Line Collection of the Art Fund, Inc. at the Birmingham Museum of Art; The Buten Wedgwood Collection, gift through the Wedgwood Society of New York, AFI.2867.2008
  • Object Name bowl
  • Classification Containers