Octagonal butterfly lustre bowl with orange interior and mother-of-pearl exterior. The bowl has a solid golden trim on the upper and bottom rim. A wide golden geometric pattern (3.5cm) in the upper third is placed over blue glaze, intersected with four framed medallions showing Asian-inspired architecture and vegetation. The scene of the medallions on opposite sides are the same. A pattern of continuous husks of wheats is set underneath. The body of the bowl is decorated with four golden flying birds carrying a seated person on their back. Two of the birds have their necks retracted, the other two have an outstretched neck. The birds are alternated with a depiction of a rabbit on the remaining four plains of the bowl.  A golden, endless Greek-key pattern decorates the bottom rim. 
The vibrant, mottled orange interior glaze is decorated with a wide golden trellis band (3cm) with blue bells hanging underneath. Three large, golden butterflies in different positons (open/closed wings) are alternating with three small, golden butterflies with open wings. Part of the butterflies are highlighted with red, green and blue glaze. The bottom of the bowl is decorated with a large golden rosette with red, green and blue glaze.



  • Titles Bowl (Descriptive)
  • Artist Wedgwood, England, est. 1759
  • Medium bone china
  • Credit Line Collection of the Art Fund, Inc. at the Birmingham Museum of Art; The Buten Wedgwood Collection, gift through the Wedgwood Society of New York, AFI.2859.2008
  • Object Name bowl
  • Classification Containers