The Collection

Rattle in shape of a raven, carrying on its back a reclining figure with bent knees and extended tongue; human figure is joined by his tongue to a frog, which is held in the beak of a kingfisher bird, whose head is depicted (without a body) and located closest to the handle of the rattle. The underside of the rattle (the raven's belly) has the abstracted features of a human face.

Raven Rattle

Crudely made, several strands of red-dyed bark produce colored bands. Hole in the bottom.


  • Tlingit people, Wrangell, Alaska, Northwest Coast, Native American
  • cedar bark


  • Tlingit people, Klukwan, Alaska, Northwest Coast, Native American
  • iron, wood


A pair of silver earrings, blossom design with six fluted ovate part with a six petaled top loosely attached and a four petaled bottom soldered on

Pair of Earrings

  • Tlingit people, Alaska, Native American
  • silver


  • Probably Tlingit people, Northwest Coast, Native American
  • goat horn
Chilkat Blanket Warp Bag, Chilkat sub-group, Tlingit people, Klukwan, Alaska, Northwest Coast, Native American, grizzly bear bladder, commercial cloth, buckskin neck, thread, buckskin point

Chilkat Blanket Warp Bag


  • Tlingit people, Klukwan, Alaska, Native American, Northwest Coast
  • spruce root