The Collection

Rattle in shape of a raven, carrying on its back a reclining figure with bent knees and extended tongue; human figure is joined by his tongue to a frog, which is held in the beak of a kingfisher bird, whose head is depicted (without a body) and located closest to the handle of the rattle. The underside of the rattle (the raven's belly) has the abstracted features of a human face.

Raven Rattle

Both pieces have been cut from the same shell, one hole with a bit of black thread in each

Pair of Ear Pendants

Halibut Hook

  • Possibly Tlingit people, Haines, Alaska, Klukwan, Alaska, Northwest Coast, Native American
  • Willow, cedar, iron
Double trinket box with lid. Sections the sides made of one piece of wood. The corners are red. The bottom dimensions listed above. A rare form. The Terr. Museum has a larger box like this.

Double Box with Cover

Ear drop; silver with engraved design.  A drop suggestive in shape of a Japanese lantern, fastened to a loop

Ear Pendant

  • Tlingit people, Alaska, Native American
  • silver


  • Tlingit people, Wrangell, Alaska, Northwest Coast, Native American
  • spruce
Octopus bag, four fingered, with floral design. Black wool cloth. No cord. Beaded in floral design in white, brown, turquoise, yellow, blue, green and red beads of fairly large size. The usual four "fingers."  No tassels.


  • Tlingit people, Sitka, Alaska, Native American
  • wool, beads