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This painting represents a boy standing against the corner of a building, holding pink carnations. In his left hand is a bouquet, and in his right hand are three flowers. He wears a cap, a white shirt with the collar and cuffs open, suspenders, brown breeches, black stockings, and black boots. Leaves from the carnations surround his feet.

Three For Five

Tall lamp in two parts of cameo glass in the Art Nouveau style, the slender vase-shaped base on a round foot supports a two-tiered, domed shade, the lamp decorated in shades of yellow, orange, brown, and white with a winter landscape scene - the foot highlighted in white to resemble snow, the stem decorated with the trunks of brown, barren trees which continue to the shade, displaying their leafless branches against a somber orange sky, the branches are picked out in white to represent fallen snow; the shade is held in place by a pronged "clip" attached to the base.


  • Jean-Louis-Auguste Daum, and Jean-Antonin Daum, Nancy, France
  • cameo glass

The Collection

Society Emblem (drung mgbe), Ejagham people, Republic of Cameroon, and Nigeria, African, fiber, skulls, wood, horns, gourds, leather, and patina

Society Emblem (drung mgbe)

Helmet mask with janus face on helmet, surmounted by equestrian figure hunter/warrior figure positioned on circular platform.

Epa Mask

Costume for Egungun Masquerade, Yoruba people, Oyo region, Nigeria, African, textiles, wood, metal

Costume for Egungun Masquerade

Large round jar with foot, narrows slightly toward the bottom. Raised ridge around widest portion of vessel. Shoulder decorated with groups of angled and curved parallel incised lines; bottom half with incised geometric patterns. Reddish color with fire clouds.


  • Bozo people, Jenne, Mali (also spelled Djenne), African
  • fired clay
Vessel, Matakam people, and Chad, African, fired clay and slip


Tent Pole, Tuareg people, Sahel region, West Africa, African, carved wood

Tent Pole

  • Tuareg people, Sahel region, West Africa, African
  • carved wood
Mask, Guro people, Côte d'Ivoire, African, wood and pigment


Flat serpent with head and tail emerging from central coil


  • Gan people, or Lobi people, Burkina Faso, African
  • iron
Broad oblong forged-iron blade with very slight concave curve terminates in a straight edge, which extends slightly beyond the oblong on either side (similar to silhouette of a bell); short, conical spike extends from straight edge of blade.

Currency Blade

  • Afo people, Nigeria, African
  • iron