Art On The Rocks Exclusive: Interview with The Shadowboxers

Hailing from neighboring Atlanta, the Shadowboxers are gaining national attention. The trio sings harmonies paired with jazzy-to-folk guitar, bass, and keys, and their compiled talent packs a hypnotizing indie punch. The band will be joining us at the Birmingham Museum of Art for Art on the Rocks on Friday, July 10, and we can’t wait to […]

May 2015: Moon Jar

Jar (Dal Hang-ari), Korean, about 1700 Since the 10th century, Korean artists have produced white porcelain. After a long demand for celadon (pale green) ceramics, white porcelain gained popularity in the 15th and 16th centuries. The bureau (Bunwon) that oversaw the meals and court banquets of the royal family strictly controlled the kilns that produced […]

Rick Lowe

Social and Community Engaged Art: The Genuine and the Artificial

Derrick Adams’ “The Entertainer”

On Saturday, March 28, the Museum welcomed artist Derrick Adams, as he performed  The Entertainer with STATIC | DISTORTION |INTERFERENCE. The Entertainer is an original performance that incorporates a musical interpretation of white, gray, and black noise composed by Philippe Treuille and a projection by Ramon Silva with Adams’ live performance. Adams acts as a human Beatbox, […]

Be a Part of the Big Picture

Donate Now Walking down the long hallway toward the American Gallery, you see Albert Bierstadt’s Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California. At just over five feet tall and eight feet wide, the grand dimensions of this beloved painting serve to convey the immense, wild beauty of the American West. How was this renowned painting acquired by the Birmingham Museum of Art […]

Slavs and Tatars: Long Legged Linguistics, September 20, 2014

Slavs and Tatars joined the Birmingham Museum of Art for ART PAPERS LIVE on Saturday, September 20. This illustrated presentation explored the potential of language as a strategy of both resistance and research into notions of identity, politics, colonialism, and faith. Founded in 2006, Slavs and Tatars is an art collective devoted to an area east of […]

Callahan Lecture: Illustrating Victorious Lives: Jaina Narrative Painting

On Saturday, March 8, the BMA welcomed Robert J. Del Bontà, Ph.D., who led the discussion Illustrating Victorious Lives: Jaina Narrative Painting. Dr. Del Bontà examined the illustrated manuscripts that detail the lives of the Jainas, through the lens of the Svetambara and Digambara. Seeing these illustrated narratives side by side was both rare and informative, and it was the first lecture on this topic held at the BMA.