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1880 Crow Peace Delegation

This work by Wendy Red Star, entitled 1880 Crow Peace Delegation, consists of 10 historic photographs that have been scanned and digitally manipulated. She has annotated the scanned photographs, identifying the names of the sitters and details about their lives.

Building the Collection

As an institution committed to collecting broadly and in depth, the Birmingham Museum of Art is home to a diverse collection of more than 27,000 paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, and […]

Delft Tulip Vase

The BMA is pleased to add another outstanding example of ceramic art to its permanent collection. This 17th-century, blue and white, glazed earthenware vessel with two applied handles and applied […]


This basket, entitled Lifeline, was made by Shan Goshorn, an Eastern Band Cherokee artist living in Oklahoma. Goshorn’s innovative woven containers reflect traditional Cherokee motifs while incorporating historic photographs, treaties, […]

Recent Beaux Arts Krewe Acquisitions

Two recent acquisitions are bolstering the collection of European art at the BMA. Both were made possible through funds provided by the Beaux Arts Krewe, which has supported important acquisitions […]

Memories of the Coast of France

From 1939 to 1945, the Second World War shattered the world. Nations and their people were plunged into the global conflict, deprived of calm stability in their daily lives. Understanding […]

Standing Rock

This photograph was taken by Tlingit/Cherokee artist Zoë Marieh Urness. Urness participated in the protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline—an oil pipeline which was to be installed under several bodies […]

Adoration of the Shepherds

This work has been acquired in memory of the life and work of Jeannine O’Grody, former Curator of European Art, Chief Curator, and Deputy Director at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Charles Sheeler’s Tree and Landscape

The Museum recently acquired Tree and Landscape, a painting in tempera on paper by Charles Sheeler from 1947. The painting will serve to expand the narrative of American modernism told in the Museum’s American art collection.

Honoring an Expert

The BMA recently acquired five rare original drawings attributed to the Japanese painter and print designer Kamisaka Sekka, which were purchased by the Museum to honor Dr. Donald A. Wood.

Between Worlds

This work, Between Worlds, is made by Teri Greeves, a contemporary artist and beader. She is Kiowa, a Native American tribe (now based in Oklahoma) which once lived on the […]

Vive la France!

The BMA has recently added this stunning pair of candlesticks to its permanent collection. Made in 1872, the candlesticks reflect the 19th-century interest in past cultures and styles and the […]