Q&A with UAB Fellow Kristen McArthur

Each year, the Birmingham Museum of Art selects a graduate student from the University of Alabama at Birmingham to complete a yearlong fellowship at the Museum. The UAB Fellow completes special projects that provide an in-depth experience and insight into the nature of curatorial work. The 2017–2018 UAB Fellow, Kristen McArthur, spent most of her […]

Artist Talk with Marianne Nicolson

Join us Thursday, September 27 to hear from Marianne Nicolson, the artist behind BMA’s current exhibition Waterline. From July 27 to November 25, Waterline will be on view in the Arrington Gallery and offers visitors the chance to enjoy the serenity of its tranquil movement. As the sole work of art in this exhibition, Waterline […]

Ways of Seeing: An Exploration of Line

We see lines everywhere in daily life: in cracks on the sidewalk, on our notebook paper, and as we stand in lines buying groceries, just to name a few. We may learn in school that a line is created by connecting two points in space. How is line defined in visual arts? How do artists […]

What is Folk Art?

What is Folk Art? The term has meant different things over time, and many scholars have written about the problems with this catch-all category. It has referred to craft traditions passed down through generations within communities. It has sometimes referred to artists without formal education or artistic training, and those who create outside of the […]

Coming Soon: Waterline

Marianne Nicolson’s “Waterline” installation will open to the public on July 27 at the BMA.

The Original Makers: Folk Art from the Cargo Collection

In commemoration of Alabama’s bicentennial, the Birmingham Museum of Art is proud to present The Original Makers: Folk Art from the Cargo Collection, an exhibition featuring more than 175 outstanding works of folk art from the Museum’s permanent collection.

Coe: Then & Now

Curating a show on Birmingham’s history has been an incredible learning opportunity for me as I am new to the city. Having moved here just recently, I have been struck by how much of Coe’s Birmingham is often still visible as I walk the city’s streets today.

Connecting the Global South

A work central to Third Space represents a culmination of all the ideas in the exhibition. It was commissioned from Rural Studio at Auburn University.

Birmingham Then and Now

Up for a little competition? The winner is invited to the private opening for Magic City Realism.

Women Artists in Third Space

International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women and serves as a platform for gender equality. Our current contemporary exhibition Third Space /shifting conversations about contemporary art is a natural place for the BMA to begin a conversation about contemporary women artists and their work.