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The Power of Color

Color inside (and outside) the lines with this guided coloring activity for kids!

Animals in African Art

Before printing these coloring sheets, we encourage you to check out the mini digital exhibition Natural, Supernatural: Animals in African Art to learn more about each art object. We’ve included engagement questions for each printable coloring sheet. Have fun!

Filling in the Blanks

Pear-Shaped Bottle (Yuhuchun) This bottle is porcelain and was made about 700 years ago in China. It has banana-leaf, lotus pond and lotus petal motifs. The lotus was and still […]


This coloring sheet is inspired by our latest digital exhibition, #NotJustMarch: Women Artists from the American Collection.


Color your own Cosijo!

Monet’s Foggy Morning at Pourville

This is a painting of a foggy morning at the beach in Pourville, France. It was painted by the French Impressionist artist Claude Monet. Monet used color to convey how […]