Coe: Then & Now

Curating a show on Birmingham’s history has been an incredible learning opportunity for me as I am new to the city. Having moved here just recently, I have been struck by how much of Coe’s Birmingham is often still visible as I walk the city’s streets today.

Am I not a Man and a Brother?

Senior Curator Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, PhD discusses the powerful imagery featured on an 18th century medallion.

Women Artists in Third Space

International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women and serves as a platform for gender equality. Our current contemporary exhibition Third Space /shifting conversations about contemporary art is a natural place for the BMA to begin a conversation about contemporary women artists and their work.

Where in the ‘Ham?

We need your help to know Where in the ‘Ham is Coe? If you recognize one of these locations, please let us know by commenting on our post on Facebook or by emailing

Honoring an Expert

The BMA recently acquired five rare original drawings attributed to the Japanese painter and print designer Kamisaka Sekka, which were purchased by the Museum to honor Dr. Donald A. Wood.

Afterlife: Asian Art from the Weldon Collection

Afterlife: Asian Art from the Weldon Collection journeys across Asia to explore the fascinating role of art in this life and the next. Inspired by the bequest of Henry and June (“Jimmy”) Weldon, this exhibition includes a wide variety of sculpture and ceramics that reflect ancient fashion trends, entertainments, status symbols and religions throughout the […]

What is a Rotation?

The BMA staff recently completed the first of three rotations for its current exhibition, Third Space /shifting conversations about contemporary art. In addition to the 50 pieces that will remain on view for the entirety of the exhibition’s two-year run, certain works within Third Space will rotate every six months to showcase new pieces and […]

Recent Acquisitions: Sunita, Sita, and Nirmala

The three girls seen in this photograph, Sunita, Sita, and Nirmala, were participants in Balika Mela, a fair for young girls held annually in the Lunkaransar block of Rajasthan, India. Balika Mela calls attention to the severe disadvantages girls face in the region, while also empowering participants to find their own voice to take a […]

Collecting and Preserving Alabama’s Artistic Heritage

While the BMA collects art from all over the globe, it takes just as seriously the goal of collecting important work by the most significant artists born or active in the state of Alabama. Well represented within the Museum’s collection are the Weavers, a multi-generational dynasty of women artists from Selma. Most famous among the […]