Chris Pugh

Local dancer Chris Pugh is a professional dancer born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Pugh uses dance to impact and influence the world around him in a positive way, with the belief that dance helps him reach people in ways that sometimes words cannot.

Micah Lewis

Micah is a 25 year old Birmingham native and founder of Vibestreet studios (@vibestreetstudios). Vibestreet Studios is a company rooted in being an accessible resource to the community by providing an affordable outlet for people to creatively express themselves. Vibestreet offers a full photography and podcast studio also serving as a community creative space. 

Leanna Leithauser Lesley

Birmingham fiber artist Leanna Leithauser Lesley (@needlepointfaces) is an avid needle-pointer compelled by the power of jazz music, the drama of photography, and the intention to raise the awareness of #needlepoint as an art form. In this episode of Artists in Quarantine, Leanna joins our Manager of Public Programs, Carey Fountain, for an interesting conversation […]

Tony Bingham

BMA Manager of Public Programs Carey Fountain catches up with local artist and Miles College instructor Tony Bingham (@tonymbingham). They discuss his art-making process, the “lifelong journey” of finding your voice through art, teaching during the pandemic, and more. Bingham also shares a few books that have recently inspired him. 

Melissa Yes

Local artist Melissa Yes makes objects, installations, video art, and performances that address the production and consumption of American bodies, landscapes, and cultural narratives. 

Zachary Edison

Many BMA employees are also artists and creatives outside of their Museum work. Check out this episode of Artists in Quarantine, featuring our very own, Zachary A. Edison. In this interview, Edison, a multidisciplinary artist and preparator at the BMA, gives us insight into his process and aesthetic.

Helga Mendoza

For this episode of Artists in Quarantine, local artist Helga Mendoza (@helgamendoza) details her unique artistic journey to Birmingham as an immigrant from Bogota, Colombia. Mendoza’s work focuses on community, youth arts education, and multidisciplinary installations.

Celeste Amparo Pfau

Nature is the inspiration behind Birmingham artist Celeste Amparo Pfau’s work. Learn more in our latest Artists in Quarantine video.

Doug Baulos

This Artists in Quarantine interview features a conversation with Birmingham artist Doug Baulos (@doug_baulos), who creates mixed media installations using found objects as well as homemade textiles and pigments.

T. Marie King

In this week’s episode of #ArtistsinQuarantine, BMA Manager of Public Programs Carey Fountain talks with artist and activist T. Marie King.