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Buddy the Elf Digital Adventure

/ Scavenger Hunt

Note: This is a temporary scavenger hunt and will only be available through January 5, 2021.

Buddy the Elf!

Elf​ is arguably one of the funniest holiday movie classics of our time. And we were lucky enough for Buddy to visit the BMA!

Explore the BMA’s sm​art​guide like you are Buddy the Elf leaving the North Pole for the very first time! 

To begin, follow the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops, walk through the Lincoln Tunnel, then go to the sm​art​guide index to find your first stop.

Have fun seeing what silly adventures Buddy has with the artworks at the BMA!


  • This is a virtual scavenger hunt like you’ve never done before!
  • You will be searching for works of art that Buddy the Elf has visited in the BMA’s sm​art​guide index
  • You will be provided an image to search for
  • Find and click on the sm​art​guide stop that matches that image
  • There will be a category on that sm​art​guide stop titled ​Buddy the Elf Digital Adventure
  • Click on the category to find your next clue with further instructions


Your first clue is to go to the European Art section on the index and search for the sm​art​guide stop that contains the image below

HINT:​ Buddy must be a big fan of Madonna!