Art After 5: BMA’s Bridgerton

Channel your inner duchess or duke for an evening of swoon and scandal inspired by Shonda Rhimes’s Netflix series Bridgerton. We’ve got lots for you to indulge in tonight!

LISTEN with Eric Mobley

Birmingham native Eric Mobley won first prize in the 2020 National Federation of Music Clubs Composition Competition for his work “Piano Sonata in F# Minor.” Tonight he, along with Maurice Nix, will be performing Songs of Travel!

DRINK a Whistledown Martinez

Mix up a custom drink mix crafted by Queen’s Park bartender, Allie Phifer!

MAKE a Work of Art

Use the contents in your art-kit to make a Wedgwood inspired teacup!

WATCH an Exclusive Curator Talk

Join our Curator of Decorative Arts, Anne Forschler for Wedgwood and Whimsy, a talk about BMA’s Wedgwood collection and the influence of Josiah Wedgwood.

EXPLORE the Lady Whistledown Adventure

Just because the supposed identity of Lady Whistledown was revealed in the Bridgerton season finale, doesn’t mean you know her.

Lucky for you, the BMA just so happens to hold in its collection the top “must haves” Lady Whisteldown can’t live or write without. Using the BMA’s smartguide, you will be set on a search for the right atmosphere, the top items, and the improper imagery that this gossip girl needs to put pen to paper and shake up the town.

Oh, and Lady Whistledown has picked out some paintings that are so scandalous that we’re adding two of them as bonuses hidden within the hunt!


  • This is a virtual scavenger hunt like you’ve never done before!
  • You will be searching through the BMA’s smartguide index for works of art that Lady Whistledown needs in order to write 
  • You will be provided an image to search for
  • Click on the smartguide stop that matches that image
  • There will be a category on the smartguide stop titled Art After 5: Lady Whistledown Digital Adventure
  • Click on the category to find your next clue with further instructions


  • Visit the BMA smartguide at 
  • Click VIEW INDEX
  • Your first clue is to go to the European Art index section and search for the smartguide stop with a painting that contains the house in the image to the right

Hint: You know that Lady Whistledown has to live on a large and fancy English estate!




And just a friendly warning not to play this game if you don’t want to encounter…