November 2015: Driven Back

Driven Back, De Cost Smith, 1892 De Cost Smith (1864-1939) was intrigued by native cultures since childhood. In his native New York, he frequently visited the Onondaga Reservation south of Syracuse. He ventured west in 1884, where he spent time among the Sioux people in the Dakota Territory. His deep knowledge and understanding of the […]

October 2015: So Close to Heaven

So Close to Heaven: Sacred Sculpture of Asia from the Weldon Collection Sacred images are a vital part of many of the world’s religions. For example, painted and sculpted images of Mary and the infant Jesus provide a focal point during Christian prayer or worship, while Hindu artists portray gods and goddesses with multiple arms […]

The Art of Meditation smartguide feature

In partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Advanced Imaging Lab and Florida State University’s Art Therapy Program, the Museum has added 10 new stops to the BMA smartguide as part of the The Art of Meditation smartguide feature. The Art of Meditation smartguide feature, available for FREE here, was developed by art therapists and educators to […]

September 2015: David Puxley

David Puxley: Wedgwood’s First Studio Potter Since its founding in 1759, Wedgwood has brought in outside artists from time to time in order to keep designs fresh and contemporary. In 1964, the firm hired 21-year-old potter David Puxley to play an unusual role – he would be Wedgwood’s first studio-potter-in-residence. The term “studio pottery” emerged […]

Heart Gallery Alabama smartguide feature

The Museum recently added 30 new stops to its smartguide in conjunction with the opening of the Heart Gallery Alabama 10th-Anniversary Exhibition. The Heart Gallery Alabama smartguide feature, available for FREE here, complements any visit to the exhibition. The Heart Gallery Alabama smartguide feature includes: An overview of the exhibition High-resolution images of each child and sibling group featured in the exhibition More […]

August 2015: Woman in a Green Coat

Woman in a Green Coat, Betty Grisham, 1946 Betty Grisham’s life can be summed up in one word: extraordinary. A native of Athens, Alabama, Grisham has occupied many roles in the art world; from art teacher to museum advocate, she has nurtured countless arts organizations throughout her home state. She was on the first members’ board of […]

Reconstructing a 14th-Century Painting

In mid-July, Assistant Curator of Education for Visitor Engagement Kristi McMillan attended a weeklong workshop at the University of Delaware to reconstruct The Hebrew Prophet, a 14th-century painting by the Florentine artist Giovanni del Biondo. The Hebrew Prophet was one of several panels that together made up the high altarpiece for the church of San […]

Black Like Who? smartguide feature

The Museum recently added nine new stops to its smartguide in conjunction with the opening of Black Like Who? Exploring Race and Representation. The Black Like Who? smartguide feature, available for FREE here, complements any visit to the exhibition. The Black Like Who? smartguide feature includes: Welcome and introductions from Dr. Graham C. Boettcher, Chief Curator and Curator of American […]

July 2015: Spirit Catcher

Spirit Catcher, Frank Fleming, 1982 The unicorn-human hybrid in Fleming’s Spirit Catcher sits on a tree stump looking out at the viewer, seemingly unaware of the small bird alighting on his outstretched hand or the snarling dog at his feet. The unicorn man and the dog appear in marked contrast to one other – calm […]

BMA Honors Late Jazz Legend

Yesterday, the world lost a jazz legend. A master of improvisation, Ornette Coleman believed in the imaginative and expressive power of melody. He introduced a new kind of freedom into jazz, liberating it from the rule of harmony. His compositions stood in dialogue with those of Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, questioning assumptions about the […]