The Return To Life (from H. G. Wells’ series “Men Like Gods”)

This work is from a series titled Men Like Gods, based on the English science fiction writer H. G. Wells’ 1923 novel of the same name. The book tells the story of a London journalist named Mr. Barnstaple who—en route to a holiday—is suddenly transported to an alternate universe called Utopia, an advanced version of […]

The Law Is Too Slow

George Bellows is considered one of the most significant American realist artists of the twentieth century. Associated with the Ash Can School, he is best known for his gritty depictions of daily life in New York. Bellows’ progressive politics allied him with the so-called Lyrical Left, which has been described as “a loose coalition of […]

The Barricade

A member of New York’s Ash Can School, Bellows achieved prominence for his bold depictions of the bustling city, which did not shy away from showing the seamier side of urban life. In 1918, moved by reports of atrocities committed against civilians during the First World War, Bellows departed from his typical subjects and painted […]