Act 9, from the series The Treasury of Loyal Retainers

Honzo’s wife arrives at Yarunosuke’s home in Yamashina to plead to allow the marriage between Konami and Yarunosuke’s son Rikiya, but is refused. Just then Honzo arrives and in order to atone for restraining Hangan from killing Morono he gives Yarunosuku and Rikiya plans to Morono’s home and then kills himself.

Introduction, from the series The Treasury of Loyal Retainers

The Chushingura is a tale set in the Edo period (1615-1868). It was written about 1748 for the puppet theater, but is now most famous as a Kabuki play. It recalls an incident that took place on the night of January 30, 1703, in which the retainers of a disgraced lord break into the mansion […]

Fujikawa, from the series Fifty-Three Stations of Tōkaidō

After the incredible success of his first series of prints of the stops (stations) along theTokaido Highway, Hiroshige followed with another series in the late 1830s. In the new set a comic verse, or Kyoka accompanied each print.    Fujikawa was the primary stop for pilgrims on their way to pray at Mt. Minobu. It was […]