Art Sparks

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With the generous support of Wells Fargo, the Museum is embarking on a new initiative, ArtSparks (Advancing Research and Targeting Strategic Partnerships for Art Reaching Kids), which aligns with the Education Department’s strategic goal to actively participate in efforts to improve our schools. By partnering with Better Basics, whose mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and their families by advancing literacy through enrichment and intervention programs, the  Museum hopes to fully capitalize on our past  successes with arts education and achieve broad and lasting impact.

With the ArtSparks Initiative, the Museum will spend the next three years analyzing our work with schools and our community engagement efforts. This analysis will inform a strategic and focused approach that builds on our proven successes, increases contact hours and impact, and demonstrates measurable change on the youth and school systems of the Birmingham metro area.

The Museum offers the only opportunity in our city for students to interactively engage with original works of art from diverse cultures across the globe and, therefore, is perfectly poised to fill a vital role in arts education throughout the city. The Museum strives to play a strong role in the education and developmental cultivation of our youth by providing these needed arts experiences to our young students and future leaders. We are enthusiastic about the ability to increase the impact of these efforts through the ArtSparks initiative.