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In the middle of their tour across the country, Los Colognes will make a stop in Birmingham just for a performance at the BMA. The Nashville-based, five-member band currently travels with music from their album The Wave, consisting of water and ocean metaphors that describe the everyday journey of adulthood.

With a blend of their rock’n’roll roots and a few blues and folk twists, Art On The Rocks audiences will surely get caught in the waves of this Americana band. Read our exclusive Q&A with drummer Aaron Mortenson and singer Jay Rutherford below to learn more about the band. We’ll see you at the last Art On The Rocks of the year on Friday!

Birmingham Museum of Art: Everybody wants to know the band’s story. How did you meet, and how did you combine musical tastes to develop your sound?

Aaron Mortenson: We met a little over 15 years ago and have been playing ever since. Our sound has evolved over time, but it’s built on the foundations of rock’n’roll (blues, country, folk, jazz, etc).

BMA: Art On The Rocks is about blending the best of Birmingham culture (music, performances, food, and more) with the beautiful Museum environment. In the spirit of fusing music and art, tell us which visual artists might best represent Los Colognes?

Jay Rutherford: Think Dali and Warhol having a break-dance-fight under the Sistine Chapel or Picasso on acid talking to a pyramid on Mars.

BMA: Birmingham has an incredible food culture. If your music were perfectly paired with a delicious meal and cocktail, what would be on the menu?

JR: A subtle yet refined American lager paired with an organic-grass-fed-non-gmo-certified angus burger(!!!) with blue cheese.  And tots.  And Sriracha.

BMA: What can we expect from your show at Art On The Rocks?

AM: We will be playing lots of material from our newest album, The WAVE. We tend to explore within the songs, so hopefully it will be a night that we find some interesting musical trails off the beaten path.