Art for Memorial Day

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Memorial Day began as a commemoration of those who lost their lives in the American Civil War. Currently in our American Art Gallery, we have a series of paintings by Gilbert Gaul that depict “the courage, sacrifice, suffering, and home life of the Confederate soldier.”

The series reminds us of the losses our nation has endured during times of war, but also how people of all walks of life come together in hard times. As we celebrate Memorial Day this year, may we be reminded of the strength and bravery of those who have fought for our country throughout the years. Come in and see this series in-person, on display in the hallway next to our Albert Bierstadt painting.

Leaving Home Tidings from the Front Holding the Line at All Hazards Waiting for Dawn To the End Return Home
The arrival of mail played a large part in a soldier's life. Letters from home were critical to boost soldier morale. In this painting, the family gathers to hear what their soldier has to say. Imagine yourself here listening to the words of a loved one writing from the battlefield. // "Tidings from the Front" (1907) Gilbert Gaul, oil on canvas. Gift of John Meyer. 1972.462