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The Pure Land of Amitabha

The Pure Land of Amitabha is one of the most important Chinese works of art in the collection. The front of the mural was conserved in 1988-89. The Museum now wants to open up several “windows” on the back of the mural to show that underneath smoke damage from a fire at some point in its history, there remain beautiful paintings. To do this, we must first bring in a conservator to assess the project, perhaps do a few test areas, and then write a report as to what can be done, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. We are now seeking funding for this assessment part of the project. Since the actual treatment will follow only in a second step, the benefits for the lucky person to provide these initial funds will be a personal tour of the mural with Curator of Asian Art, Donald A. Wood, Ph.D., and a chance to meet with the conservator when he is here for the assessment. The conservator will explain what he is doing, what needs to be done, how it will be done, and why. And, of course, your generous contribution will be recognized on the label, as usual, if you wish.

Piece Highlights

  • Medium: Polychrome, gilding and gesso on plaster

Adopt This Piece


It’s easy to adopt an artwork! Here is a Step-by-Step:

  1. Once you have chosen which artwork you would like to adopt, reach out to our Curator of European Art, Robert Schindler (; 205.297.8064), and let him know. You can also jointly adopt an artwork with friends or family (even a company can adopt an artwork)!
  2. We will then send you information on the work you have selected, including its conservation needs and a treatment proposal. You will also be invited to the tour before the work is conserved.
  3. When the conservation is completed, you will be invited for a viewing “after treatment” and you will be sent an invoice along with the treatment report.
  4. Finally, choose whether you want to be credited on the gallery label or not. At the end, you send your payment for the treatment to Robert and we will forward to you a formal acknowledgment of your tax-deductible contribution.
  5. Done!

If you have questions or would like to adopt an artwork, please call or email Robert // 205.297.8064.