A Boy and His Dog

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A Boy and His Dog. Frank Fleming, 1974. Ceramic. Lent by James J. Odom, Jr., T.2014.429.1-.2.


What’s your story?

The art of Frank Fleming has been described as whimsical and intriguing. His fantastical sculptures have endless stories to tell – stories that are only limited by an individual’s imagination. For Between Fantasy and Reality, we invited you to tell us the stories of these artworks! Read on to see stories submitted by the BMA community near and far, click on a thumbnail to see larger images, and submit your own story below.

In the gallery:

Once upon a time there was a boy who was very brave. A monster tried to eat him, but instead the monster’s skin got stuck on him. The boy lived. His dog has one ear. The dog’s name is One-Eared. The boy never had a mom, so he has no name. The dog lost his ear because a troll ate it. The boy saved the dog. Now they are superheroes.

—Helen (age 9), Birmingham, Alabama