7 Lucky Works of Art

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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re highlighting pieces in our collection that bring us luck all year round. Take a look at 7 Lucky Works of Art in our collection, found from cultures across the globe!

1. Qing Dynasty Bowl
Chinese culture considers peaches very lucky, symbolizing longevity and good fortune. This bowl from the Qing dynasty (about 1700) certainly shows that the peach has stood the test of time!

2. Nigerian Horseshoe
While horseshoes are considered symbols of luck in our eyes, this horseshoe is used as currency in Nigeria.

3. Wedgwood Vase
The BMA is lucky to call itself the home of the largest collection of Wedgwood outside of England. We couldn’t get through this list without sharing a little bit of green – it is St. Patrick’s Day, after all!

4. Hotei Sculpture
Hotei is a Buddhist folk character who supposedly lived in China during the early 10th century. He wandered from town to town, never stopping in one place for long. He loved children and always seemed to have something for them in his large bag of possessions. He is now worshipped in Japan as the God of Good Fortune.

5. Chinese Vase
This vase is adorned with bats, a classical Chinese feng shui symbol for prosperity, and clouds, which symbolize good fortune and happiness.

6. Wedding Food Box
This piece is an elaborate covered wedding food box. On the inside of the box are four food compartments with plates, with characters saying “water, good fortune, east,” and one indecipherable word. Eating foods from these plates on a wedding day leads to a long, happy marriage.

7. Bands of Color in Various Directions
The treasure under this rainbow is our beautiful sculpture garden! Rain or shine, this Sol LeWitt piece is always brightening our day.