5 Things To Know About Holi

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Each March, the Museum celebrates Indian culture at our Holi family festival. With live performances, bright colors, and fun activities, it is the perfect way to welcome springtime!

Here are 5 Things To Know About Holi before the big day!

1. It’s a Celebration of Spring.

Holi begins in India on the last full moon of winter. The celebration also prompts spring-cleaning and, for many Hindus, the start of a new year. After the relentless winter we had this year, we couldn’t be happier to welcome warmer weather!

2. It Symbolizes New Beginnings.

Holi is a chance to forgive and forget, reconciling with those we have hurt and who have hurt us. Holi is the time to let the past go, and let love abound!

3. It’s Known for Vibrant Colors.

It is believed that the changing seasons make it easy to catch a cold. In Indian tradition, the bright colors thrown were also medicinal herbs to ward off illness before spring. Today, the colors that are thrown are not herbs, but are just for fun! Anyone who is at the festival is free game to be hit by some color. At the end of each day, everyone is covered in vivid colors to greet the spring season.

4. It Promotes Harmony.

The festival breaks down all barriers of caste, creed, sex, and religion; anything that divides a society is forgotten, as everyone celebrates the festival together. Holi fosters unity and a common bond throughout the country, spreading goodwill and cheer to all.

5. It’s a Party!

More than anything, Holi is the ultimate party. With music, dance, food, and drinks in the streets, everyone stops their usual routine to have some fun. The party begins on the eve of Holi by setting a bonfire, as a symbol of good over evil, and lasts several days.

Join us to learn more and celebrate this weekend! Happy Holi!


Image from the Pravasi Herald, from Holi Festival 2011 at the BMA