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5 Things for a Creative Spring Break!

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By: Madeline Adams, Assistant Curator for Family Programs

With warmer weather, our winter blues (and winter clothes) are packed behind us! School’s out for the week, so we’ve come up with 5 Things for a Creative Spring Break! Each idea is full of FREE fun!

1. Get Outside
Do you have a yard or a park nearby? Find some funny shaped trees and create a “living sculpture” inspired by the shapes. Pick springtime flowers and make a bouquet or a flower crown. Find cool rocks and paint fun designs on them. Inspiration is all around you!

2. Tell A Story
Turn off the TV and create your own illustrated story! Beginning the story is easy: get started by creating characters, actions, and a setting! Write out your storyline, and then illustrate each scene. Pictures can be drawn, painted, or collaged. You may just make your new favorite bedtime story!

3. Find Fun In Art
Create your own scavenger hunt in the Museum! We have plenty of activities for you while you’re here, but Bart the Art Bat challenges you to create your own journey. It’s easy to find something you love in a work of art! For example, look for your favorite colors in art throughout the Museum. How do different artists use them?

4. Play With Your Food!
Feeling hungry after all this fun? Get creative while making your snack! Look at textures, colors, shapes, and more in your pantry. One idea is to bring the beach to you this Spring Break: use oats for sand, an orange for sunshine, and blueberries for the sea! Create a fun scene and then eat it up!

5. See The World
Stay in town, see the world, and learn about different cultures at the Museum! Through art activities, family tours, and Bart’s ArtVenture, we are a great place to come for FREE family fun. Each day will focus on a different collection of the Museum. What will you discover?

Spend your spring break at the Birmingham Museum of Art! Tuesday, March 25 – Friday, March 28, 10AM – 5PM. Family tours each day at 10:30AM and 1:30PM. Click here to learn more.