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5 Reasons To Attend Summer Art Camp

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DSC_4279 copyFrom exploring their creativity through performance and drawing techniques to daily snack-time spent with new friends in our Sculpture Garden, there’s fun for every child at Summer Art Camp! Although the five days of Art Camp go by quickly in a blur of laughter and paint-splattered arms, it is a tremendous investment in your child’s future.

Parents, teachers, and counselors alike know that children and teens exploring the visual and performing arts are building interpersonal communication, creativity, and problem-solving skills at rates higher than their peers. Over time, these engagements make a child confident, inquisitive, and successful in any field they pursue.

Beyond these benefits, here are the top 5 reasons your child should attend the Museum’s Summer Art Camp:

5. FOR NEW EXPERIENCES: Camp teaches the importance of exploring and appreciating new ideas, developing skills, making friends, and showing leadership, all while having a great time, too!

4. FOR THE THEME: Every year the Art Camp theme is different. This year, it is “Art + Design-Thinking.” This summer, we not only play with different materials, but also test the limits of those materials, with sessions led by board-certified art teachers, college faculty, and Museum staff.

3. FOR NEW DISCOVERIES: Summer is a dynamic time at the BMA. Concerts, programs, and lectures happen daily throughout the summer, and kids are always welcome. While at camp, your child will spend their day in the cultural center of Alabama.

2. FOR THE ART: With over 27,000 objects spanning 4,000 years, the BMA boasts the finest collection of art in the Southeast. Where else can your child take 20 steps and see a contemporary painting, an Aztec cup, and a Japanese kimono?

1. FOR THE MEMORIES: Summer Art Camp is an unforgettable experience that will give each camper memories, friends, and stories for years to come.

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