Sankofa Society: Friends of African-American and African Art

In West African language and culture, sankofa reminds one to remember and learn from the past. Sankofa, often symbolized with a bird looking backwards or a stylized heart, also means to bring forward the good from the past and use it in the present in order to progress. This grounds the Sankofa Society: Friends of African American and African Art.

The Sankofa Society: Friends of African American and African Art is a congenial group of people who appreciate, collect, and support African American and African art. Our purpose is three-fold: to support the Birmingham Museum of Art in acquisitions, to educate about art created by people of African descent, and to promote art of the Diaspora locally, regionally, and nationally. We fulfill our mission through membership dues, educational travel, seminars, lectures, and reaching out to other institutions and groups who are interested in African American and African art. Additionally, the Sankofa Society invites and welcomes artists to our city as a way to cultivate a meaningful and long-term relationship with the artist, the museum, and most importantly, Birmingham.

$250 per member
$100 per junior member (under 40)

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