Photography Internship

Education: Advanced undergraduate (junior/senior) or graduate student
Area of Study: Photography, with an interest or background in art history

Purpose: Support the day-to-day operations of the Photography and Imaging Services department at The Birmingham Museum of Art


  • Photograph works in the Museum’s collection
  • Document galleries, installations, and facilities
  • Document museum sponsored events
  • Scan existing photographs
  • Color correct existing scans

Interns also work on one major project, which is tailored to meet individual interests. Examples include:

  • Photographing works in the museum’s collection to be used on the BMA website
  • Using Photoshop to dust and color correct scans from film
  • Identifying images that can be published to the public website based on quality standards
  • Photographing museum exhibitions and galleries

Special Skills:

  • Strong desire to work hard and engage in hands-on learning
  • Knowledge of Digital SLRs, Photoshop, and scanners
  • Knowledge of professional photography equipment including medium format digital cameras, strobe lighting, and RAW capture is encouraged but not required
  • Computer literacy
  • Some art, art history or website experience is helpful, but not required

About Photo and Imaging Services:

The Photography and imaging services department handles the generation, organization, and distribution of all digital photographs at the museum. Additionally the department handles the organization and distribution of other digital media including audio, video, publications, and more. Uses for these digital assets include BMA publications and website, non-BMA publications, and scholars.

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