Indian, Sri Lankan, and Himalayan Art

The influence of Indian culture and arts on the surrounding countries is profound. As home to the Hindu and Buddhist religions, the spread of these beliefs also helped the diffusion of Indian art and aesthetics. Sensuous and seductive, the sculptures display not only the influence of the Indian love of nature, but also the deep concern the Indians have for spiritual matters.

The Museum has a number of important sculptures from various periods throughout this part of the world. Outstanding 2nd-3rd century Buddhist images of the Buddha and his followers from Gandharan (modern Afghanistan and Pakistan), a superb 12th century sculpture of Shiva and Parvati from the Halebid region of India, an exquisite 8th/9th century seated bronze image of Avalokitesvara from Sri Lanka and an unusual, large appliquéd and embroidered 19th century Thankga from eastern Tibet are all part of the collection.