European Decorative Arts

The Department of European Decorative Arts forms the core of the Museum’s permanent collection. Comprised of several individual groups of objects acquired by the Museum over the past sixty years, this “collection of collections” contains more than 16,000 pieces dating from the Renaissance period to the present day, including pottery and porcelain, silver, ironwork, furniture, and glass.

Notable holdings include the only known collection of nineteenth-century European decorative cast iron in the United States – the Gustav Lamprecht Collection – and the Eugenia Woodward Hitt Collection of eighteenth-century French art, including furniture, mounted porcelain, and gilt bronzes from the Régence period through the French Revolution. The Museum is also home to one of the largest collections of Wedgwood ceramics in the world.

The Department of European Decorative Arts is continually growing and evolving, and remains committed to acquiring, preserving, and displaying the finest examples of European decorative arts of all periods.